Concise writing activity

Writing Clear, Concise Sentences

Joe was an honest and hard working man. Bothered by allergies, a condition that made them sneeze, some of the preschool children had sinus troubles that caused them to miss several days in nursery school this spring. Exercise 2 Make the sentences more concise.

5 ESL Activities Guaranteed to Get Your Students Excited About Writing Practice

I would call your attention to the fact that our President, who was formerly the Governor of Arkansas, is basically a Southerner.

Using the fewest possible words without sacrificing meaning makes your writing more understandable. We have to decide by Friday.

Concise Writing Exercises

You can break up your students into paired writing teams or keep them in a more freelance writing position, whichever you choose. For this example, you can use something familiar to them, but not too familiar since you want to keep it challenging.

Teacher Resources: Activity - Writing concisely (15 mins)

Report writing is an essential part of life, academia and business, so you can build on the structure they may already be familiar with. Avoiding Expletive Constructions This sounds like something a politician has to learn to avoid, but, no, an expletive construction is a common device that often robs a sentence of energy before it gets a chance to do its work.

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In my opinion, thisThis wasteful policy ought to be revoked. Our woodlands are coming back by virtue of the fact that because our economy has shifted its emphasis.

Often times this is decided for you, depending on the class size. In the last few weeks, some new employees have been hired by the company. He wouldn't recommend that a student copy from another student's paper. Citizens who knew what was going on voted him out of office. I might get together with my MBA classmates this weekend.

There are millions of fans who desperately want the Hartford Whalers to stay in the city.

Write a concise essay on antiviral activity of interferon

We consider the candidate to be a very good fit for either of the two positions. The trick is to cut the verbiage without sacrificing meaning.

We have to make a decision by Friday. Never sacrifice meaning to belonging. Put your students into pairs and have them use the camera for a few moments to get a feel for their proposed writing object.

A great number of people feel that people who work for the government need to be able to communicate with the public in a more effective way. The topics should be general at first: What I mean to say is that well Well intentioned lawmakers sometimes make fools of themselves.

Concise Writing Guide and Practice Activity

Founded inSmith College is the premier all-women's college in the United States. Practice Make the sentences more concise. Never sacrifice meaning to novelty. Or leave out the word altogether and let the act speak for itself.

We addressed the problem at our weekly meeting. If you try to cheat by looking at Grammar's version first, your computer will blow up and your name will be published in a list of ne'er-do-wells on the front page of the New York Times. Compare the following generic nouns on the left with the more connotative suggestions on the right: Exercise 2 Make the sentences more concise.

Basically, in light of the fact that Congressman Fuenches was totally exhausted by his last campaign, there was an expectation on the part of the voters that he would not reduplicate his effort to achieve office in government again.

Remember, this is your students time to shine, so give them all the information they need to be successful. Rewrite as one sentence. These little tidbits of information have revolutionized the human experience, sharing thoughts that would otherwise be just that:Delivering clear and concise instructions about the ESL writing activity is very important.

You can review the structure needed to complete the task, passing out a. San José State University Writing Center Writing Concisely: Deleting or Replacing Unnecessary Information When we write concisely, we write clearly. Compare the sentences below: 1. In my opinion, it is important that all college students participate in the electoral process by casting their concise, whereas Sentence 1 is.

To write. Conciseness What this handout is about. This handout helps you identify wordiness in your sentences, paragraphs, and essays and offers strategies for writing concisely.

Writing concise papers. rather than using a small font and trying to include every job and activity you took part in, think about your audience and the information they. Delivering clear and concise instructions about the ESL writing activity is very important. You can review the structure needed to complete the task, passing out a.

Oct 11,  · Flash Fiction and More: For more ways to make your writing concise, look over this resource (PDF) from Joseph Williams’ “Style: Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace.” Or, consider taking concise writing into the realm of fiction with our recent lesson plan on reading and writing Flash Fiction.

Writing concise papers Now that you know how to avoid wordiness at the sentence level, you may want to try some additional strategies to use the space in your papers efficiently.

Think about your argument.

Concise writing activity
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